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Guide to Website Content
Application Rental Guide - A listing of free and for pay (with price guide) application service providers (ASPs) arranged by web-based application, providers, reviews, popularity, and more. - A source of FREE and low cost content that anyone can use to increase the appeal, usefulness, traffic and eventually the stickiness of their website.
InterestAlert - A variety of news headlines and abstracts you can use to create a co-hosted newspage.
Joke or Not - A site that has jokes and comics for your site. Updated regularly.
Moreover - Truly an excellent site. They scrape over 1800 news sources and then feed you headlines in a choice of customisable headlines.
NCBuy - A few games and jokes you can add to your website.
Satire Headlines - Add the latest satirical headline news to your website either through a few lines of code that will update your website automatically.
Sparklit - Nice polls, surveys, guestbooks, counters, mail forms and an adrotator. All run off site and not on your server so you just drop in a little html into your page. Great option for beginner webmasters.
Guide to Website Tools
Keyword Density Analyzer - A tool that tells you the density of keywords on your webpage.
Links to you - A tool that tells you how many websites are linking to yours at various search engines.
Page Rank Lookup - A page rank lookup tool.
Search engine submitter - A search engine submission tool.
Search engine ranking - A tool that tells you what rank your pages are at various search engines for specific keywords (1-100).
Server Check Tool - A tool that checks your server.
Traffic Ranking Tool - A tool that tells your traffic rank.
What is my IP address - A tool that tells you what your IP address is.

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