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Guide to website design resources
Are you going to do it yourself or hire someone? Doing it yourself can be fun, but it can also be frustrating. I have done this for about two years on a part time basis and have a few websites running (besides my day job as a biotech scientist). If you are looking for running a business on the web it may be faster to have someone else design it for you.
Articles on website design

Custom 404 - Learn how to design a custom 404 missing page notice.
Is Someone Hijacking YOUR Visitors? - Talks about "smart tags" and how to disable them.
Bad website design - Top 10 biggest mistakes of website design.

Website design sites, programs, and comapnies

Animation online - Offers free animated banner production. Also offers advanced design for a fee. - Over 300 pages of tutorials, reference materials, and other free resources located on this site. Free perl CGI script archive, free graphics, coordinated graphics sets, software tools, and more! A must for the do-it-yourself webmaster.
CGI resource index - 4386 CGI resources listed in 339 categories at The CGI Resource Index.
dHTML shock - Has a database of dHTML scripts for your website.
Dreamweaver - This is the best program for beginners and experts in website design. A real WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) program. This is what I use for all my websites. - The start of any professional website is a good background.
GraphXKingdom - The Graphxkingdom is home to thousands of clipart, icons, backgrounds, bars, interfaces, and other cool, free graphics. - A great little place to find cool and useful JavaScripts for your site! All scripts on this site come with easy-to-follow installation instructions, along with a live demonstration. - Offers more than 5000 resources for web builders including free scripts, CGI, counters, fonts, html, java, clipart, animation, backgrounds, icons, HTML editors, buttons, photographs, site promotion, easy-to-follow Tips and Tricks, and much more. It is The Complete Resource for ANYONE who wants to create pages on the internet, from beginner to experienced Web site developer.
ScriptSearch - This comprehensive programming directory is more intuitively organized by programming language with subfolders with various script categories. Rating features allow you to find the most popular and most useful resources according to the rest of our visitors. Its even a breeze to bookmark your favorite listings on your own "My Favorites" page, that you can easily return to. Everything from ASP to XML.

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