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Domain Name Registration
It is best to try to find a domain name that your target audience will relate to. One example is for biotech and pharmaceutical sciences. The best domain name is one that will be remembered (and not to difficult to type in). Cybersquatting and typosquatting (registering domain names that are common typos of high traffic sites) will disqualify you from many affiliate programs and is strongly discouraged.

Dotster - Dotster Inc. is a leading ICANN-accredited registrar capable of registering your .com, .net and .org top level domain (TLD) names. By choosing to register your domain names with Dotster, you are guaranteed many value-added features that make registering domain names even easier and more enjoyable. NameSpin, multi-year pricing, and our dotPartner and dotAffiliate programs are only a few of the special services they provide.

Articles About Domain Name Registration

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