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A Winteresting Pastime - Part 5

By Lynne Suzanne

Whether you dream of lazing on exotic islands or action-packed adventure holidays, Lynne Suzanne `flys'  through some ideas to help you write winning tiebreaker slogans...

Learn how to write a few apt words and you can turn your dream prizes into reality. Here's how.

You may be asked to complete a tiebreaker sentence:

”I shop at store because…”

Try a different tactic. For prize holiday competitions, read the rules to discover how the prize winner will be travelling to their destination.

Flying before boarding cruise liner?

…at store I “cruise” down the aisles and “fly” through the check out!

Ferry crossing?

…shopping here is a “ferry” tale come true!


…I’m  “motor-vated” by your “bumper” bargains and great value, to “boot”!

Play with ideas to build them into your tiebreaker, for example:

A competition may ask you to say why you'd like to win a holiday to a specific destination.

This time make a word list relating to the country or area.  Here are some ideas for you:

African Safari - Elephants, lions,  hyenas laughter, superb Safari is what giraff - ter!

Australia - Koala-ty product, a dream come true, Bondi Beach, thanks to Roo!

Egypt - I sphinx  I'd get a pharoah deal !

India - Goa - geous location, magical time, Agra-cadabera - memories all mine!

Israel - I hear their local cuisine  Is-raeli tasty !

Once you have made a word list for your chosen destination, study each word in turn to find those which lend themselves to word play.

It's surprising how much easier it becomes to write tiebreakers once you pick up your pen and get started.  Go for it! 

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Copyright 2002  Lynne Suzanne

About the author
Lynne Suzanne is a freelance writer, consultant and speaker. She has written four books on winning prize competitions and slogan writing and presents Win With Lynne Roadshows and marketing seminars.
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