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Legoland is a great place for kids and kid thinking adults. My four year old and us parents had a great time and will likely return. The best time to visit Legoland is probably in mid-September when school is in session (if your kids are not in school yet). When we visited on two days in September, there were very few people in the park. In fact at times we finished a ride and there was nobody in line and we told the operator we would like to go again! Try that in the summer!!! If it is warm I would suggest that you bring clothes that you wouldn't mind getting wet or a swimsuit and prepare to change, since there are a lot of water rides and water interactive areas. Also, take note of your child's height before planning a trip so you don't waste your time waiting on rides that you cannot enter.

Entrance - The Beginning
As you enter Legoland you will notice the thing that everyone should know, almost everything is made out of legos. As you enter, note the location of the services (first aid, guest services, lost parents, stroller rental, etc.). This is a good time to have a talk with your kids regarding what to do if they get lost and where to meet. To the right as you enter is "The Big Shop" which is the largest shop at Legoland with apparel and lego kits. Obviously there are shops all over the place, but this one has the largest selection.

Dino Island
Moving from the left of the entrance you will enter Dino Island. There is a mild roller coaster (height requirement 36 inches), a place to pretend to dig for dinosaur bones in a sandbox, and a water play area. This is a great area for little ones, who will enjoy digging for bones and waterplay. Shovels and pails are available for a small rental fee, so you don't have to bring them in.

Explore Village
Here you will find a collection of rides without a real clear theme. The Safari Trek (height requirement 34 inches), and Fairy Tale Brook (no height requirement) are great for the little kids. The highlight of this area is the Water Works and Duplo Playtown. Prepare to sit for a while to allow the kids to play in the fountains and jump around the musical fountain (you jump near sensors and instruments play and shoot water). This is a great place for the parents to rest and allow the kids to run off some energy! The Duplo Playtown has the typical play structures with slides and pretend stores, etc. There is also a small train (no height requirement) that runs on a small track in the Duplo Playtown. The theater had a pretty funny show with a ventriloquist show which was on a few times a day. Also, the restaurant had a pretty good fruit pizza snack.

Fun Town
Fun Town is a mix of little kid and bigger kids rides. The Power Towers is one of those dropping rides, the only catch being that you have to pull yourself up (height requirement 40 inches). For the little kids there is the Sky Cruiser (height requirement 36 inches) which is basically a car that goes pretty slow on rails, but has a nice view, the Sky Patrol stationary helicopter ride, Flight Squadron airplane ride, and Skipper School boat ride (all have a height requirement of 34 inches). The highlight for my daughter was the Volvo Driving School. As opposed to other car rides that are on rails, this one actually allows kids as young as three years old to actually drive their cars on a track! There is more entertainment options in this area that include a show that is pretty funny, a factory tour featuring lego making machines (slowed so you can actually see how it is working), and the Fun Town Fire Academy (height requirement 34 inches). The Fun Town Fire Academy is a competition, where your team will compete against other teams to put out a pretend fire. This involves pump up and down to propel the truck as well as pump the water as well as someone to aim the hoses, so be prepared for some physical activity.

Pirate Shores
Pirate Shores is all about water with the Treasure Falls and Splash Battle water rides (height requirement 36 inches). My daughter and I had a lot of fun at the Splash Battle ride using the water cannons on the sidewalk to get other riders wet (yes I know it is a little mean but it was fun). There are water play areas here for the little ones (Swabbies Deck) and bigger kids, Soak and Sail (height requirement 36 inches). This was our only bad experience at Legoland. The operators of the Soak and Sail slides would not allow water shoes, so my daughter removed hers and then in exiting the ride, slipped on the wet concrete and fell backwards. This area should either allow water shoes or have a softer surface!

Knights Kingdom
Knights Kingdom has a variety of rides. The Dragon Coaster (height requirement 40 inches) is a medium thrill coaster that may be a little too much for milder kids, and the Knights Tournament (height requirement 40 inches) which turns you around and upside down, are likely to satisfy the older kids. The Royal Joust (height requirement 36 inches) is there for the little kids. The highlight for us was the Hideaways, which is basically a giant play structure with rope bridges, things to climb, etc. This thing is huge with a large number of entrances and exits so keep an eye out. We had one of us stationed at the front entrance (although there are many exits from the play structure there is only one exit from the area) and one of us went inside with my daughter.

Miniland USA
This is what many people think of when they think of Legoland. There are several cities and world attractions that are cast in legos. Being from the bay area, we obviously found the San Francisco city lego representation very interesting. They are pretty detailed and in the San Francisco models even had the seals at Peir 39! There is a boat ride (no height requirement) that takes you on a cruise around the models of cities and famous places such as the Taj Mahal, Mount Rushmore, and the Sydney Opera House.

Imagination Zone
This is more an area for the bigger kids. The Aquazone Wave Racers (height requirement 40 inches) is a wave runner that goes in circles, the Bionicle Blaster (height requirement 42 inches) is basically a ride to spins in circles (similar to a more rough version of the Disneyland teacup ride), and the Lego Technic test track (heigh requirement 42 inches) is a small roller coaster. The roller coaster is a bit deceptive as it has small cars (4 people only) which gives it big changes in accelleration which is pretty cool. There are a number of theatres and play areas, but they were all closed when we were there. 2005. All Rights Reserved.